Piloroo is an online booking platform, designed specifically to assist members of the hair industry.

Quick and easy search

Salons use Piloroo.com to browse the profiles of hundreds of professionals across Australia. The profiles present info about hair educators, hair stylists and hair salon assistants that are available for short-term work. Using filters, salons refine their search results and identify exactly the right person for their job.

Book salon staff on demand

Historically, hair salon education has been booked in a rush at the start of each year, as product companies released their education course calendars. Not any more. As increasing numbers of educators are freelancing, it’s much easier for hair salons to book education month-to-month.

Ratings and reviews ensure quality

At the end of each job booked on Piloroo, the hair salon and the educator/stylist/assistant rate and review each other. The Piloroo rating and review system ensures that the hardest-working, most reliable, most professional individuals rise to the top of each search result.

Train and retain salon staff

Hair salons have told us that one of their biggest challenges is staff turnover. At Piloroo, we believe that educating staff lowers staff turnover rates and raises staff loyalty to the salon. We built Piloroo to help more hair salons access the full range and diversity of hair educators located across Australia.

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