By using the search filters located on the right hand side on a computer, top of page using a mobile device. Your search results can be filtered using these criteria:

  • Find a stylist or educator? (required): Selecting “I need an educator” will filter out stylists who do not educate.
  • Job location (required) Where will the job take place? Choose an Australian city or regional location.
  • Start date: What date does the job start?
  • End date: What date does the job end?
  • No. of days: How many consecutive days do you require the educator or stylist?
  • Session length: What length of session(s) do you require?
  • Skills required: Is there one specific skill you absolutely require the stylist or educator to have?
  • Qualification level: Do you need a senior stylist or would a less experienced apprentice meet your needs?
  • Max daily rate: If you have a budget in mind, use the slide to set your maximum rate for a full day of work (7 hours).
  • Special events: Do you require the edcator or stylist to have experience at Red Carpet events or Photo Sessions?
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