To attract work on Piloroo, customers need to know when you are available. Display your availability with your Availability Calendar.

How to update your availability

  1. Log in to Piloroo
  2. Browse to the account menu (your name, top right of the page) and select Update Calendar
  3. Using the calendar, touch or click on those sessions/dates when you are unavailable.
  4. When clicked once, each session will show as Busy.
  5. To reset a Busy session, click it again.
  6. Note: you cannot clear a booking session freom your calendar.

How to update your location

If you are working out of town, be sure to update your daily location. This helps you pick up extra work as you travel, day to day.

  1. Using the calendar …
  2. select your location from the drop-down list of locations above each date.

Need to make a bulk update?

If you are travelling for consecutive dates, the Bulk Update Tool makes it easy to update your Availability calendar.


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